Is a Sex Toy a Good Gift?

  • They have purchased a sex toy for you or with you
  • They openly discuss their sexual experiences with you
  • They have shared a sexual concern with you, seeking feedback or suggestions
  • They expressed interest in using a vibrator

Buying sex toys is a delicate art. It can be helpful to determine if the recipient of your gift is open to receiving a sex toy before investing in a new pleasure product. An investigative conversation can help to determine what sort of products they are interested in and what concerns they may have. My friends, family, and partners know that the sex toy industry is my passion, so it never comes as a surprise when I am gifting a pleasure object. Reference the check list below to determine if a sex toy is a viable gifting option for your loved ones. If you are still on the fence, don’t hesitate to communicate to your friend/lover/sibling/parent that you are interested in gifting them something of the adult variety. read more...